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Sweet Sweat

Sweet Sweat Push Up Bars

Sweet Sweat Push Up Bars

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Get more from your strength training with Sweet Sweat pushup handles for floor calisthenics. Ideal for targeting your chest, triceps, and shoulders while putting less strain on your wrists than other push ups equipment. Each box comes with two easy-to-assemble push up stands so you can take them from the comfort of your home to the gym with ease. Ideal for push ups for men & women.

Our ergonomic push up bar set relieves stress on your wrists during push ups and other strength training from proper positioning and the wide, padded grip on the pushup handles. Our push up bars for men & women are made for daily use - in a compact form that’s easy to store & assemble.

Get the last pushup bar you’ll ever need with Sweet Sweat push up bars for floor workouts. Use our push up handles for floor exercises on any surface without fear of slipping, thanks to our push up bars’ non-slip footpads and wide base. Our push up handle workout bars keep you in form for strength training pushup stands.


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